Primrose Lane

Book 3 in the Harmony Harbor series

Primrose Lane

June 27, 2017

A second chance for romance...

Dr. Finn Gallagher returns home to Harmony Harbor from his latest stint with Doctors Without Borders for a brief visit, but his family and the Widows Club have other plans. They want him to take over the local family physician's practice until they find a suitable replacement. Finn is used to dealing with patients in life-and-death situations and isn't exactly thrilled to find his waiting room overflowing with single women — women who are more interested in his personal life than his medical advice. Including Olivia Davenport.

When Olivia adopts a little girl and the two become permanent fixtures in his waiting room, Finn starts to see another side to her. Now it's Finn who has a problem. He's fallen in love with Olivia, a woman who doesn't want a relationship. But just as he's about to give up pursuing Olivia, the Widows Club and Olivia's daughter join forces, and Finn and Olivia might get their happy ending after all.