Welcome to Harmony Harbor Hot Topics with Kitty!

Welcome to Harmony Harbor Hot Topics with Kitty!

Happy Spring, dear readers! It’s a cloudy 50 degrees here in Harmony Harbor, but I have such wonderful news to share that it feels like the sun is shining down upon us. In all honesty, it’s felt like the sun has been shining on us non-stop since Christmas Eve.

I can’t tell you why without spoiling BAREFOOT BEACH and CHRISTMAS IN HARMONY HARBOR, so all I’ll say is that up until December 24, 2018 was an extremely difficult year for the Gallagher family. I often found myself repeating one of Mother Gallagher ‘s favorite sayings. “You have to endure the storm to enjoy the rainbow.”

And endure it we did. But we’re lucky, we didn’t endure it alone. We had our family, friends, and the people of Harmony Harbor to lean on. So this Easter we’re opening up the doors of the manor to celebrate rebirth and renewal with our family and friends.

We also have two wonderful new additions to the Gallagher family to celebrate. Aidan’s and Julia’s baby girl arrived two weeks late in February, and Michael’s and Shay’s baby girl arrived just last week. Both girls are gorgeous and healthy, and will be baptized next weekend.

But that’s not the only wonderful news I have to share. Logan and Jenna are moving home to Harmony Harbor, and we couldn’t be more delighted! Well, we can, because we also have a wedding to plan! They’re getting married this summer. And, as you know, there’s nothing we Gallaghers like more than planning a wedding. Unless that wedding is ones own.

Yes, you read that right. Jasper and I are getting married. We’ve decided to wait until Christmas in honor of Mother Gallagher. There’s nothing she liked more than a Christmas wedding. She would have loved the wedding we celebrated last Christmas Eve. I can’t tell you whose wedding it was. You’ll have to wait until you read CHRISTMAS IN HARMONY HARBOR to find out.

Now, enough with the wedding talk, we have to get ready for the upcoming Easter celebrations. This weekend, we’re making cute bunny mason jars with the children. We prepared them first. I cut out bunny shapes from foam (with adhesive on one side) and then stuck them to the glass jars. Once that was done, Jasper sprayed the jars and lids with chalkboard paint. Now they’re ready for the children to paint and . . . Oh my, I just realized we’ve eaten all the pastel-colored chocolate Easter eggs. I have to run and get some more before they’re sold out.

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate and happy spring to those of you who don’t, I’ll see you back here next month!

Kitty xox